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Church Building

Bringing Hope and Transformation

In 2023, KBIM played a vital role in supporting the growth of the Kingdom of God in Baringo County, Kenya. Thanks to our generous donors we helped fund the construction of five churches, which served as centers for spiritual nourishment and community development. Through these churches, hundreds of people found salvation and discipleship, transforming their lives and the community around them. Some of the churches also became educational hubs offering pre-k and primary education programs, as well as sewing training. These initiatives aim to help empower the Pokot by providing them with skills and knowledge that improve their livelihoods. By empowering individuals through education and vocational training, KBIM is helping to break the cycle of poverty and improve the overall well-being of the community. Furthermore, KBIM’s vision to bring “Living Water” to create Self-Sustaining Christian Living is being fulfilled through its work with the Pokot Tribe. By providing access to spiritual and physical resources, the Pokot are now able to build a stronger and more resilient community that can thrive and grow in its faith. However, there is still much work to be done. Many people in the region have yet to hear the Gospel. Many in the vast land of Baringo County and surrounding areas still need to be reached with the Good News, and so many others need a place to gather and worship as they meet underneath the covering of trees. This is where KBIM’s church-building project comes in. With your support we aim to assist with many more church constructions this year and in the years to come, ensuring that the Pokot and surrounding tribes have a place to gather, worship, and grow in their faith. KBIM invites you to join the mission to reach the unreached and fulfill the Great Commission. By collaborating and supporting this work, we can make a meaningful impact in the lives of the Pokot and many more, contributing to the growth of God’s Kingdom in this region. Together, we can bring hope, transformation, and the love of Christ to the Pokot tribe.

“On this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Matthew 16:18


Chemwatit began after Pastor John Sinet had a mission to this unreached community and planted a church made of branches. With Kingdom Builder’s assistance, a sturdy structure was built and became the first official church we assisted with. Since then, KBIM has partnered with CIM on community development and the clean water project. CIM has trained the community on water harvesting, and KBIM has provided water filters so they no longer get sick from waterborne diseases. In the near future, we plan to help facilitate an elementary school at the church. So, your assistance is appreciated to continue to help this community flourish.


Nangarua church was birthed after Pastor Joesph Domoki had a vision from the Lord. The congregation was meeting underneath a tree until Kingdom Builders International Ministries missionaries came, prayed over the land, and dedicated it to the Lord. At this point, the building of the physical began. Praise the Lord, and the church is now complete. This was KBIM’s second church, and it is now getting ready to be used as an elementary school. The school plans to start in August, so they need your help with chairs, desks, and school materials. Please consider partnering with us to bring education to this community for a brighter future.


Kalisangwa is the third church that KBIM has assisted with. Our missionaries prayed over the land before its construction with Pastor Joel. The church is still under construction, and the congregation meets under trees next to the building site. Due to theft in the area, they decided a cement structure was needed, so it is taking more time to construct than the others. Please lift up the completion of Kalisangwa in your prayers. We are believing in mighty things for this church.


Nalukumong’in church is led by Pastor Washington Mwangi and was birthed through evangelism efforts in East Pokot. This region has been home to much tribal violence, and many in the area have never heard of Jesus. We thank God for the ministers that have dedicated their lives to spreading the Good News in the regions that need it the most. KBIM is honored to come alongside and assist in this church construction to continue the spread of the Gospel to the lost.